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The Photographer


I have lived in Portland practically my whole life. After finishing high school, I studied Interior Design at Washington State University. After graduation, I moved back to Portland and practiced Interior Design working primarily on commercial design. I met my husband, Blake, back in 1991 and we have been married for 25 years. We have 2 boys, Garrett 18 and Dylan 14. After our first son was born, we decided that I should "retire" and stay at home to be with our son full time. My family is the most important part of my life. They are the ones who have inspired and supported me to begin my photography business.


Early on in my life, photography has inspired me. It is a way to capture the moments to forever remember. I began taking pictures of my boys so I would not forget all of their precious moments. When the boys began playing sports, I became very passionate about capturing their progress through the lens. I have been designing player layouts of my boys plus their teammates. When I received positive feedback from the kids and their parents I decided to turn my passion into a business.


What I focus on are natural situations and not necessarily setting up poses. Photographing children while playing a sport lets me capture real life moments. When a small child begins playing a sport, they can easily be distracted by a butterfly, playing in the dirt, or playing with their friends instead of focusing on the game. These moments pass so quickly. Before long you can see the child beginning to understand the game and their skill level increase. These are what I cherish and I think others do as well.


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Karen Patsy